All Ecuadorians love rice

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"All Ecuadorians love rice" Our aim is to support Manabi farmers to produce 100% organic rice free of pesticides.

The Environmental Community Coordinator is a de facto inter-community organisation that promotes the development of sustainable productive activities that are environmentally friendly within the Portoviejo River Estuary Biocorridor. There are 4 allied communities, 3 of which are rice producers: Las Gilces, San Roque and Santa Teresa.

Conventional rice production in general uses a package of highly toxic chemical inputs, causing deterioration of the soil, flora, fauna and microfauna where these inputs are applied, leaving a high residual content, which is carried by rainwater, irrigation canals, estuaries and rivers to all the ecosystems of the Biocorridor. To this is added the poor handling of plastic or glass containers that these products bring with them, which also affect the ecosystems and the species that inhabit them.

Our campaign

The four partner communities are developing productive and sustainable activities. They seek to change their reality and consolidate the system of transition from conventional to organic agriculture; they want to demonstrate the benefits of practising organic agriculture: its positive impact on the environment, on the health of families and consumers, and on the local economy.

The communities make the decision to grow rice organically, carrying out soil studies with the support of the FIDES Foundation. After a year, new soil studies will be carried out to see the impact of the use of organic fertilisers and the application of innovation and good agricultural practices in organic rice cultivation.

Our economic goal

This campaign has a fundraising target of USD 10,000, which will be used for training, technical support and inputs for the production of 2 cycles of organic rice. The communities committed to the conservation of their ecosystem will produce 100% organic rice, generating a positive ecological impact in the rice producing communities.

Help us to produce organically. Help us conserve our ecosystems while bringing flavour, health and tradition to your table.



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