SOS Humedal La Segua

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Manabí, Ecuador


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Humedal La Segua is located in Manabí, between Chone and Tosagua cantons, it is a habitat
for a diversity of wildlife species, migratory and endemic birds that depend on this ecosystem
to live.

The communities that surround this Wetland carry out conservation and environmental
awareness actions, focused on nature tourism practices, maintenance of integral farms, family
orchards, bird counting, among others.

The wetland is strongly threatened by many anthropic activities. In September two fires broke
out and destroyed several hectares of grasslands, many animals perished and about 50
hectares of wetland were lost.

The wetland is the largest in Manabí and declared a conservation area by the Provincial
Government; it is fifth in the country and 1028 in the world. It registers 167 species of birds
and 22 of these are migratory.

We need to undertake restoration actions in this area, and encourage the fight for
conservation from local communities, to protect what remains of this Wetland, declared in
Ecuador in 2000 under the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands – RAMSAR.

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