Preserving your health and nature with Naturaloe

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"Words that become reality". We support women in the rural community of El Rosal who have nature-friendly products and an economic livelihood for their environment.

Our campaign

We are from the rural community of El Rosal in the Intag Valley. Together we create sustainable products and care for the environment. We produce, based on aloe vera, products such as: soaps, shampoos, aloe vera creams and bioalcohol. These products have a high content of aloe vera and ingredients such as sangre de drago, lemon verbena, papaya and nettle.

Thanks to this production we have an economic income that contributes to our families while taking care of the environment and promoting local and sustainable development. In this way, we inspire more companies and enterprises to create environmentally friendly products.

Our economic goal

This campaign has a fundraising target of USD 8,000 that will support us to reactivate our bioenterprise.

With your contribution we will promote the development of a new product that emerged from the COVID 19 health emergency. It is an alcohol made from sugar cane, aloe vera and lemon verbena essential oil, which moisturises, disinfects and leaves a very mild essential aroma on our skin.

Naturally, we count on you!



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