Hands of mud Save the Amazon!

by GreenCrowds

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, Ecuador


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"Hands of mud: Save the Amazon! Here shere are produced handicrafts and ceramics made of clay, belonging to the Shuar Maikiuants community, located in the south of the province of Morona Santiago, and made by a group of women who support their families with the income produced by the sale of these goods.

Our campaign

In the Shuar community "Maikiuants" there is a group of women who dedicate their work to the elaboration of clay pottery, these ceramics begin with a background story with each family in the area. The difficulties they face when making ceramics are various, including mobility, time, product packaging, visual diffusion of their work group, production costs and territorial conflicts with transnationals. The solution is to raise funds to promote the bio-enterprises of this community".

Contribute to the campaign and learn about the production process. Most of the handicrafts are used as plate-type kitchen utensils, all of which are used to serve food. They are painted with natural products from the area. Between the collection of clay and its elaboration they have to follow certain customs that are part of their beliefs, among them we have that:

  • Men are not allowed to touch the clay, only women.
  • They cannot turn their backs to the fire or the pottery will break.
  • The location is shown and the purpose of the contribution is stated.

Reclaiming Knowledge

These handicraft techniques keep the families of the community together. They are teachings that are passed down through each generation, demonstrating the richness of nature and the importance of environmental awareness.

#IGiveAHand. Maikiuants does not give way to mining.

Our economic goal

This campaign has a fundraising target of USD 10,000.

With the funds raised, the technification of raw materials for the elaboration of handicrafts will be improved, projecting a greater reach to new markets, showing the richness of nature and the history of their community.


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