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The Chachi bio-enterprise, "The palm of life", in the province of Esmeraldas, Ecuador, was created a year and a half ago, and is managed mainly by women heads of household dedicated to weaving rampira palm, who make baskets, roofs and traditional medicines from this palm. Currently this economic activity helps three communities: Tsejpi, Jeyambi and Pichiyacu, located on the banks of the Zapallo river, with more than 700 people.

Our campaign

The bio-enterprise is based on making basketry and other handicrafts from rampira palm from the Choco Andino forest. The Chachis communities seek to reforest up to 4 hectares of forest to give life to the dreams of 700 people in the communities in the future. Rampira handicrafts help to preserve the tradition and culture of the Chachi people, as well as being their main economic livelihood.

This project will generate 4,000 tonnes of oxygen and provide economic sustenance for the families of the Chachi communities, who are fighting against illegal logging and mining that threaten the rampira palm forest in the north of Ecuador.

Our economic goal

This campaign has a fundraising target of USD 5,000, which will be used for reforestation. They are not only palms, traditions and economic income, they are the real life for the future. Donate and allow 4 hectares of rampira palm to be reforested in the Choco Andino Forest, which will produce 4000 tons of oxygen per year.

Bring the forest and the tradition of the Chachi people to life!


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