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We are a group of sixteen native women from the community of “La Calera” winch belongs to the parish of San Juan in the province of Chimborazo. In 2015, we saw the need to generate sources of employment as livestock farming was the main economic activity, therefore, we saw the potential of mashua (andean tuber) as an alternative to potentiate and give value to our heritage as it is produced in our farms. As a result, it arises the initiative to develop the yogurt TANDALLA WARMIS by all the members of the women’s association Mushuk Kawsay driven to the aspirations of collective improvement opted to create an associative enterprise.
This small productive enterprise aims to promote environmental conservation, rescue the consumption of ancestral products, food sovereignty, social and solidarity economy that allows improving the quality of life of each producer family.
We need more support to improve our product, we want to implement more machinery such as an automatic labeller and packer to improve production and marketing. Our dream is to be able to reach different sectors of the country with the product and make known the nutritional properties of this Andean tuber through the valuation of the Mashwa.
For it elaboration of our product we use the raw material as the milk of our cattle and the Mashwa that it is produces of organic form in the farms of the community. So, we offer the consumer a product free of toxic residues that slowly and silently poison the body. With our product we guarantee the well-being of our consumers.
We want to enhance our entrepreneurship and improve the infrastructure to innovate in the manufacture of Mashua Yogurt.

With your contribution we hope to achieve it.

Join us!

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