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Posted on January 31, 2020
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In Puerto Cayo, Manabí – Ecuador there are several rural communities that live in the middle of the dry and humid forests, among them; Cantagallo, El Barro and El Jurón, which due to their remoteness have absenteeism of their professors missing more than 30 % of annual classes in their rural schools. In the same way, teachers have very little training perpetuating traditional methodologies that are obsolete to the needs and demands of the territory and the planet, affecting more than 80% of students that fail to develop the minimum learning in language and mathematics. In terms of the school´s infrastructure, there is little ventilation and natural lighting causing damage to the learning environment of children, and they lack of pedagogical material, libraries or info centers which is needed to allow them to create opportunities and acquire tools to provide welfare to their community and themselves.

The rural communities of Puerto Cayo along with the ONG Amor 7.8 have come together to transform their schools so that their children can count on decent learning environments that allow them to improve their quality of life. For this, it is necessary to improve and strengthen more than 5000 m2 of infrastructure, and to give the teachers and families a better and continuous training in methodologies where experience and exploring are the first engine of learning. We aim to preserve and protect their cultures by rescuing and dignifying their ancestral knowledge and territory. For this purpose, we have the support of the International Network of Education RIE who will accompany us and advise us with their extensive experience in education on this path to transformation.

We are commited to work for a world with social justice where we all have the same opportunities, where our farmer families, protectors of life and these megadiverse forests, can live in harmony and quality in their populations without the need to migrate to the city. Together we can be the difference and become a successful example of rural education in the country, which can be moved to every corner of Ecuador and the world.

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