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Sarayaku currently is facing very difficult moments with two emergencies: the overflow of the Bobonaza river on March 17, 2020 which has caused a great impact leaving more than 100 families without homes, basic services such as water, and without bridges, roads, destroying agro-ecosystems – crops, schools, health centers, production systems such as fish farms and poultry. There are multiple needs that people demand urgently, to reactivate social life as much as possible against the damage caused by the Bobonaza River flood.
Added to this catastrophe is the emergence of the COVID -19 Pandemic worldwide. Ecuador is one of the countries most affected by the pandemic, the most vulnerable sector as indicated by the who are indigenous peoples. It is very important to work at the community prevention measures and, if possible, have bio-protective materials, establish campaigns in their own languages and establish community protocols to face this COVID -19 pandemic.
For this reason, we want to raise the necessary funds to cover the emergent needs of the families affected by the Bobonaza river flood and to support the development of our own protocols for the socialization and dissemination of prevention measures against the emergency of the COVID-19 pandemic in the town of Sarayaku as well as providing food kits, work supplies and material to fumigate the houses that were affected.

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