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Fundación Raíz Ecuador and CAEMBA deliver food on the Coast and Amazon
Fundación Raíz Ecuador and our project CAEMBA thank all the great hearts that have joined our campaign “With your help I can stay at home”, which works in the Coast and Amazon of Ecuador. Since March 20 that the campaign began, we have collected until the first week of April USD 8 855 from donors in Ecuador and USD 35 700 from abroad. Starting in April, we will also work together with the Small Grants Programme and its crowdfunding platform “Green Crowds”. Together, we aspire to initially reach the goal of USD 10,000 to distribute thousands of kits in both regions of the country. After this goal is reached, we will need more resources to continue providing humanitarian assistance to thousands of families in Ecuador, while the health emergency remains active.

Humanitarian assistance kit in the Coast and Amazon
Fundación Raíz and CAEMBA support the #IStayAtHome. However, we cannot forget those families that cannot stay at home without external aid. Many live on a daily basis and rely on tourism, fishing and informal trading to survive. As all these economic activities are paralyzed, families in extreme poverty cannot supply themselves with food; and many do not even have refrigerators to preserve food and cook with firewood.

The campaign “I stay home with your help” is based on the delivery of basic food kits that contain oil, rice, lentils, oatmeal, noodles, tuna, oil, green, milk powder, sugar and sardines. On the Coast we have already helped 1 400 families in different neighborhoods of the cantons of Atacames, Esmeraldas and several cantons of Manabí. We are going to expand the coverage to the Muisne canton. Thanks to this aid, these families have been able to abide the mobility restrictions and stay at home without food shortages. Each kit is equivalent to cover approximately 60% of the beneficiaries’ basic diet. People in their neighborhoods and communities can add fish, seafood, or meat obtained by subsistence hunting (in the case of the Amazon). We will distribute the food kits every 10 days on the Coast. In the Amazon it will be every 15 days since they have other food options in their surroundings.

Special emphasis on older people
One of our main goals is to help the grandparents of the Chachi indigenous communities in Esmeraldas and those of the Secoya nationality in the Amazon. As of April 2, 32 kits have been delivered, mainly in the Paiquenape community, on the Napo River, on the border with Peru. Since April 1st, coverage has been extended to other Secoya communities in the Aguarico river basin, in Sucumbíos. The main objective is to take care of the integrity and health of these grandparents, since they are the guardians of the cultural heritage of the Amazon. It is very important to take care of them in their own communities, while the world faces such a strong and globalized health calamity. Did you know that with USD 20 you can feed a family of 5 members for 1 week? This equals 111,520 dishes of food

How to donate?
Due to mobility restrictions, this time we only receive financial contributions to be used to buy food in the areas where we work (Esmeraldas, Manabí and the Amazon). In this way we stimulate the local economy. Donations can be made from Ecuador and from abroad through our platform

Contact us in clatorre@fundacionraizec.org

With your contributions, we will continue to deliver this aid until the health emergency of the Covid-19 is over. Thanks to you, each member of these families has preserved its health and that of the rest, because by staying at home they prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Let’s not lower our arms in this struggle that involves all Ecuadorians and the citizens of the world. Let’s keep helping those who need us most!

#With your help I can stay at home

For more information visit: https://www.raiz-usa.org/news/

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