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Posted on June 2, 2020
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Along river Santiago located in Eloy Alfaro district in northern Esmeraldas province, 76 families of African descent live in a community called Playa de Oro. Given the sanitary emergency due to COVID-19 outbreak, and the increase in number of positive COVID-19 cases in this area of the Ecuadorian coast, the community has teamed up and arranged ways to receive updated information and provisions.

This community, which lives in a rural area that is not served by State institutions, needs to acquire sanitary supplies for family hygiene and for the community supply of basic necessities in order to reduce the risk of contagion. This population is vulnerable and the emergency has generated a direct impact on the family economy, especially on the women who provide many of the services and products for community-based nature tourism, which is one of the community’s main productive activities.

In 2019, the.commune of Playa de Oro registered its territory with an extension of around 11 thousand hectares, in the world base of Territories of Life, ICCAs, as heir and guardian of one of the few remnants of tropical forest of Chocó in excellent state of conservation in the Ecuadorian coast.

Playa de Oro takes care of its territory and protects its community forest, threatened by mining concessions and logging, making a great contribution to the welfare of the country and the world. Today, during this emergency, Playa de Oro this needs our solidarity and help.
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