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Posted on November 7, 2019
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I am Rosamira Guillen, director of Proyecto Tití, a conservation organization that is working to protect the cotton-top tamarin, a small monkey that lives only in Caribbean region of Colombia. Cotton-top tamarins are on the verge of extinction due to extensive destruction of their tropical forest habitat and capture for the illegal pet trade. Much of our efforts focus on protecting the remaining tropical dry forests that are home to cotton-top tamarins so that we can insure their long-term survival. Proyecto Tití created a protected forest reserve in San Juan Nepomuceno and now we are working on restoring part of this reserve that was used for cattle grazing. Restoring lands and planting trees that will eventually become a productive forest for wildlife is not an easy task, but with your help we can do it! We want to plant 12,000 native trees to create more forests for cotton-tops. For every dollar you donate, we will plant a tree that will help save cotton-top tamarins!

By helping to protect and create more forests for cotton-top tamarins, Proyecto Tití is conserving habitats for an amazing number of animals and plants that call the tropical dry forests home. Our restoration efforts also generate benefits for local communities by allowing people to protect forests while learning eco-friendly farming techniques that help to create a stable source of income for their families. As we work to insure the survival of these forests, we will save cotton-tops and create positive benefits for the people who live near these forests demonstrating how people and wildlife can live together in harmony.

We need your help! Donate just $1 and we will plant a tree for cotton-tops. Join us in planting trees for tamarins!

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