Posted on July 1, 2020
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Shortly after my relationship with my wife ended, I decided to start again. I collected all my savings, and moved to a small apartment in the city of Buenos Aires. I was never going to suspect that the end of one story would be the beginning of another that would dramatically change the course of my life.

Tired after spending the last few days carrying furniture and tidying up everything in my new home, I took a break and went to the fridge for a soda and to my surprise it wasn’t cold. When I opened the door I realized that things were not cold. The refrigerator didn’t work.

Resigned to living without a refrigerator, I would buy just enough cold drinks, drank them quickly and ate everything so as not to leave leftovers. I learned not to waste anything. I cooked just enough, and in that way I also reduced my waist a few centimeters, not eating more than what my body needed. “Living without a fridge” was around my head, “living without a fridge” repeated and resonated in my brain. How can I live without a fridge? How do I make it possible? How was food preserved before the fridge was invented?

I started to investigate and discovered that only meat, fish and milk need cold to preserve them, fruits and vegetables are damaged. Do you see? We put everything in the fridge! And we make them organic waste! Stop! (I told myself). That is pure Methane gas that we throw into the environment! Let’s investigate on the internet. And everywhere there were testimonies of the same thing, vegetables don’t go to the fridge!

I even discovered a Korean artist outlining the idea in some vegetable boxes and the ultimate and final discovery was “Food Conservation Treaty” from the 17th Century.
After researching and putting the idea to work we invented the “Refrigerator without electricity for fruits and vegetables”. We started to manufacture and sell it quite successfully, fighting against the paradigm that the fridge preserves everything.

Along the way, I learn about the United Nations SDGs Sustainable Development Goals for our planet with its 17 objectives and 169 goals, among which are ending poverty, ending hunger, achieving food security and promoting sustainable agriculture, among others, by 2030.

2030! Hey, 2030 is just around the corner. Less than 10 years to go and only thanks to the Corona Virus, COVID19, we are learning to wash our hands. THE HUNGER AND THE POVERTY keep advancing.

What about us? What are we doing to stop them? 2030 is knocking on the door! Let’s do something please! Then the idea came up in the team. What if through an E-learning academy we teach how to make “The Green Box”, so that everyone can do it at home and even more economically? What if we also teach other compost-type utilities? Or to grow your own food? And if we also do healthy and sustainable practice courses for a more environmentally friendly way of life? What if we also promote the best sustainable projects? Dozens of ideas came to my head, It never ended! I needed to tell it right now, I couldn’t contain it anymore and that’s when it all started…

The path was very clear, we could continue selling this invention, “The Green Box” Add things to it, modify it, make it from another material, invent another and everything would revolve around us and our environment.

Or we took action on the matter and really did something beyond a simple project to conserve vegetables. We got our batteries up and did something. We decided not to sit idly by and we started on this path: an education platform that teaches us to be more sustainable.

A path that we do not want to travel alone. We want to travel it with you because it is between all of us that we will achieve these objectives.
In the campaign and outside it, of the benefits obtained in the academy, a percentage will go to a fund to bring renewable energy services to deprived communities in the countries of the region.

Together we can do it! Do we count on your help? Let’s do it!

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