Apostando a la agroecologia

Posted on December 5, 2018
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We live in the distric of Otavalo and Pedro Moncayo that is part of the biocorredor Pisque Mojanda San Pablo. We are two associations (Sumak Pacha and Agroproducers of Living Well) conformed by multicultural and multi-etnnic people such as Cayambi, Otavalos, Mestizos and Afro- descendants where we practice and respect interculturality.

We promote agroecological production, food sovereignty, social and solidarity economy that are improving the quality of life of producers and their families.

We promote the equal participation of women in decision making processes as we want them to become leaders in agroecology and commercialization by 2025.

We need more support from governments as there are many people in our communities who do not know or value our cultural identity.  Therefore, we require economic resources for the production and commercialization of organic products.

We want to produce food by using ancestral strategies, ensuring the integral well-being of producers, consumers and the environment. For us, agroecology is a sustainable alternative to preserve a variety of local seeds that are part of our products with territorial identity, which will contribute to the conservation of soil and water resources.

During the production, we use manure and organic waste for composting, fences made of plants that help to repel insects, we produce and use bio-repellents for pest control. In this way, we provide fresh and seasonal food without toxic waste that is tastier and more nutritious.

Finally, we want to strengthen our business and improve the infrastructure to innovate in the manufacture of gluten-free flours. With your contribution we hope to achieve it.

Get involved in this sustainable and healthy initiative!

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