Kainuk “EL origen importa”

Posted on December 5, 2018
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My name is Cristina Salazar Co-Founder of the Kainük Project – “The Origin Matters”
Kainük is born with the vision of conserving cultures and promoting the legacy of indigenous traditions through sustainable fashion.

A sustainable and responsible fashion will be the main spokesman, not only for the indigenous communities with which we work, but also a call to action for all of us as consumers, raising awareness of who pays the price for each garment we wear.

We believe in an industry that respects the environment, that values people, their traditions, and their cultural identity. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that this happens.

Get involved, and help the development of this Ecuadorian project in Australia, a Revolution in Fashion, to build a clean industry, a safer and more fair industry.
Costume is a sign of cultural identity. Culture is our brand !
And you? Do you know who you’re wearing? Or where you’re wearing from?

The origin matters

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